Our Team

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Ms J. Thomas – Headteacher
Mrs V. Rayner – Deputy Headteacher
Mrs R. Bardon – Assistant Headteacher (maternity leave)
Mr A. Bell – Assistant Headteacher (Foundation Curriculum Manager)
Mrs N. Crawford – Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion Manager)
Mr J. Parker – Assistant Headteacher (Mathematics Manager)
Miss N. Powell – Assistant Headteacher (English Manager)

Mrs E. Matthews – Year R Leader
Miss J. Barton – Year 1 Leader
Miss M. McBarron – Year 2 Leader
Mrs S. Agha – Year 3 Leader
Miss N. Perera – Year 4 Leader 
Miss M. Pake– Year 5 Leader 
Mr J. Kirkpatrick – Year 6 Leader

Mrs F. WilkinsonMiss K. Joseph – Duckling Class
Miss C. Hall – Hedgehog Class
Miss L. Chapman – Poppy Class
Mrs E. Matthews (Team Leader) & Miss E. Blunt – Willow Class

Mrs R. Wood – Cherry Class (Y1)
Miss Y. Martin-Leggett – Rabbit Class (Y1)
Miss E. Higgins – Snowdrop Class (Y1)
Miss J. Barton (Team Leader) – Wren Class (Y1)

Miss M. McBarron (Team Leader) – Daffodil Class (Y2)
Miss S. Cumiskey – Puffin Class (Y2)
Miss N. Powell & Mrs A MacLean – Squirrel Class (Y2)
Miss L. O’Donovan – Sycamore Class (Y2)

Mrs E. Millett – Beech Class (Y3)
Mr J. Parker & Miss V. Hall – Dolphin Class (Y3)
Mrs S. Agha (Team Leader) – Robin Class (Y3)
Mr S. Kiley – Tulip Class (Y3)

Miss N. Perera (Team Leader) – Badger Class (Y4)
Mrs J. Morris – Bluebell Class (Y4)
Miss A. Erahdun – Elm Class (Y4)
Miss S. Khanom – Goldfinch Class (Y4)

Miss N. Dhanoa – Kingfisher Class (Y5)
Miss M. Pake (Team Leader) – Maple Class (Y5)
Mrs L. Kane – Otter Class (Y5)
Mr L. Rowlands – Snapdragon Class (Y5)

Mr I. Patterson & Mr A. Bumpus – Eagle Class (Y6)
Mrs F. Ahmed– Oak Class (Y6)
Mr J. Kirkpatrick (Team Leader) – Orchid Class (Y6)
Mrs A. Ullah & Mr A. Bell – Wolf Class (Y6)

Mrs N. Crawford – Assistant Head (Inclusion)
Mrs D. Brunton – SENDCo (maternity leave)
Miss V. Hall – SENDCo

Mr A. Bumpus – Eagle Class (Y6)
Miss E. Blunt – Willow Class (FS)

Mrs C. Charman
Mr M. Hatton
Mr R. Impey
Mrs E. Jagoe
Miss K. Joseph
Mr H. Khan
Mr N. Miah
Mrs S. Newman
Mrs N. Shah (maternity leave)

Miss L. Bowyer
Miss C. Caulfield
Miss E. Green
Mrs M. Iaz
Miss V. Krova (maternity leave)
Mrs S. Nanton
Mrs M. Orobosa-Ogbeide
Mrs A. Torrie
Miss C. Young

Miss F. Begum
Mrs R. Begum
Mrs J. Bradley
Miss R. Brennan
Miss H. Briscombe
Miss C. Charman
Mrs K. Choudhury
Ms S. Choudhury
Mrs S. Choudhury
Mrs W. Fitzpatrick
Miss T. Gardner
Ms L. Gavin

Mrs P. Glendenning
Mrs S. Habib
Mrs S. Habbib
Mrs E. Hussain
Mrs L. Hykaj
Miss M. Hykaj
Mrs S. Impey
Mrs N. Jerbi
Miss A. Khan
Mrs P. McCrossan
Mrs S. Moula
Miss L. Newman

Mrs E. Prince
Miss K. Ryan
Mrs J. Santana
Mrs K. Scott

Miss I. Shazadi
Miss A. Simpson
Mrs K. Symondson
Mrs J. Wright
Mrs S. Young
Ms L. Yule

Mr D. Chaplen – Sports Manager
Mr T. Campbell – PE Instructor
Mr J. Horton – PE Instructor

Mr T. Green – Creative Arts Manager

Mrs N. Teakle – Next Steps manager
Mr I. Brown – Behaviour support assistant
Mrs A. Danyi – Behaviour support assistant
Mrs S. Stones – Behaviour support assistant
Mrs L. Woodman – Behaviour support assistant

Mrs L. Bage – Receptionist
Miss E. Bush – Receptionist
Mrs J. Bartley – HR Manager
Miss F. Begum – Attendance and Admissions
Mrs S. Begum – Acting Office Manager
Mrs K. Farrell – PA to the Senior Leadership Team
Miss S. Gonsalves – Safeguarding Officer
Mrs S. King – Healthcare Assistant
Mrs N. Noble
– Well-being Officer

Mrs S. Ravey – Finance Assistant
Miss K. Ryan
– Receptionist

Mrs A. Sullivan – Administrative Assistant (Finance)
Mr S. Thompson – Administrative Assistant (Data)
Mrs M. West – Bursar

Mr P. Davidson – ICT Manager
Mr S. Ali – ICT Technician
Mr L. Lee – ICT Teaching Assistant

Mrs W. Fitzpatrick – ASC Co-ordinator
Mrs K. Scott – ASC Deputy co-ordinator
Mrs T. Dennehy – ASC Assistant
Mrs K. Choudhury – ASC Assistant
Mrs J. Wright – ASC Assistant

Mrs S. Hanif – Family Worker

Mrs C. O’Brien – Senior MDSA
Mrs K. Scott – Senior MDSA
Mrs L. Armstrong
Mrs H. Begum
Mrs A. Brown
Mrs I. Czeropska
Mrs S. Huq
Mrs T. James
Mrs N. Khan
Mrs N. Khatun
Mrs S. Khatun
Ms S. Malik
Mrs D. Mason
Mrs I. Wheeler

Mr C. Evans – Premises Manager
Mr S. Janes – Assistant site agent
Mrs S. Begum – Cleaner
Mrs B. Kaur – Cleaner
Ms S. Malik – Cleaner
Mrs F. Poptani – Cleaner
Mrs B. Tariq – Cleaner
Mrs K. Tariq – Cleaner

Sr R. Garcia – Spanish Instructor
Mr C. Gawkowski – Woodwind tutor (Luton Music Service)
Mrs T. Hayward
– Counsellor

Miss G. King – Therapist
Mr P. Knight – Guitar/Ukulele tutor (Luton Music Service)
Ms E. Parrott – Violin tutor (Luton Music Service)
Mrs E. Rees-Jones – Music therapist
Mrs C. Ridout – Cello tutor (Luton Music Service)
Mrs H. Ronald – Woodwind tutor (Luton Music Service)
Mr S. Router – Brass tutor (Luton Music Service)
Ms K. Watson – Choir leader (Luton Music Service)