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  1. omg i can’t believe it’s nearly been 2 years since i left st matthew’s 😥 i’m in year 8 now. i actually miss this school so much. Eagle class, 2016 was the best. xx If anyone sees Mr Pontefract say Ashleigh says hi. bye xx

  2. <3
    i love this place. When i left in year 6 i promised myself that i will come back. So many memories someone tell Mr Sowden hi from jessica plz

  3. Hello St. Matthew ‘s. It is really lovely to see how you have grown and prospered. I remember teaching there in 2006. Fresh out of a Canadian University I made my way to England. I loved my experience. Wishing you all the best!

  4. 2014 was the year I left St Matthew’s I can’t believe it I am in year 9 now and I just thought that I should check on the guestbook again 🙂 great memories made! orchid class 2014 was the best fact, not an opinion 😀 still haven’t forgotten the positive mental attitude till this very day xx

  5. *sighs*
    Just thought about school since i’ve only completed first year of YR 9 so far, Omg!
    so much has changed,im struggling not to type in korean right now, my practising language at the moment!! miss everyone, hope for the best towards ST MATTHEWS

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