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  1. I was at the Charles Street school in 1984. I remember Mr Charles, Miss Lambie, Mr Graves etc. It was a good school. I left in 1988.
    Headteacher Mr Shaw then Mrs Batt.

  2. I attended St Matthew’s in the 80’s. Firstly the nursery & I still remember my first day full of tears. The infant school was based in Havelock Road at the time. I was in Green Class with Mrs Elliot & Pink class with Mrs Hale.
    Moved round to the Charles Street site for the first two years of juniors and was taught by Mr Charles & Mrs Barton. For the last two years the juniors returned to the Havelock Road site where I was taught by the scary Miss Lambie!!
    The site on Charles Street was such a wonderful school and I remember it well. The huge hall, big stage, haunted library, huge staircase, dinner hall at the top of the playground, playing marbles on the drains at the bottom of the playground and of course the painted dinosaurs on the front wall.

    1. Thanks for your comments. It will probably not surprise you to know that the teachers you mention have all retired from teaching or moved to work in other schools, but there are one or two current members of staff who remember Mrs Hale and Mr Charles. Now we have almost 840 pupils, there is no “huge hall” for everyone to meet together for assemblies – we occasionally go to our Sports Hall in Concorde Street for whole school gatherings … or we have them outside on the playground if the weather allows. As for the “huge staircase” in Charles Street, there’s nothing like that on our present site as all classrooms are on the same level.

    2. Was great to see your comment, I went to those schools in the 80s aswell. I left school in 1996 so was curious if we were in the same year 😊

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