Times Tables Rock Stars

A week after our Times Tables Rock Stars Day and we are seeing more changes in our Rock Heroes Hall Of Fame, which this week comprises 57 names.

Damian (1) from Wolf Class is sharing his position at the top of the Rock Hero Hall of Fame, with Omo (1) from Kingfisher Class; they both have a time of 0.47 seconds per question.

Witold (14) from Bluebell Class continues to lead the way for Year 4 with  time of 0.68 seconds per question.

Aadam (22)  from Dolphin Class is our Year 3 leader on 0.74 seconds.

We have a new name from Year 6 in the top spot for the girls: Mali (12) from Wolf Class with a time of 0.64 seconds per question.

Khadesha (19) from Elm Class leads the Year 4 girls with a time of 0.72 seconds per question.

Fope (35) is the highest place Year 5 girl with a time of 0.85 seconds per question.

Who will be the first girl from Year 3 to become a Rock Hero and enter the Hall Of Fame?