One Hundred Books

Today we launched our ONE HUNDRED BOOKS CHALLENGE across the school.

All pupils in Years 1 to 6 have been given a glossy, professionally-printed magazine which contains spaces for them to collect one hundred stickers. Each space corresponds to one of one hundred book titles.

The titles in the collection were chosen by a group of our teachers to represent the best quality reading experience that children should have from Foundation Stage to Year 6. In essence, this collection represents 100 BOOKS THAT CHILDREN SHOULD READ BEFORE LEAVING PRIMARY SCHOOL.

We have invested more than £8000 in this project and we now have ten book stations at various locations around the school that the children can access to select one of the books from the 100 BOOKS COLLECTION. When they have read the book, their teacher will award them with a sticker to place in their sticker album.

The books can be taken home – they are clearly marked with one of our 100 BOOKS stickers on the front cover. We are confident that the children will value and look after the books and we hope parents and carers will support in this too.

The magazine sticker albums will remain in school and will be passed to the child’s new teacher when they move into the next year group. At the end of Year 6, pupils will be able to keep their sticker magazine as a reminder of all the reading experiences they have had hear at St Matthew’s Primary School. (Obviously, if a pupil achieves the ONE HUNDRED BOOKS CHALLENGE before the end of Year 6, they’ll be able to keep their sticker magazine then.)

You can view the 100 BOOKS COLLECTION and you can see an online version of the STICKER MAGAZINE by following either of the links below:

We would love to hear what pupils and parents think of our ONE HUNDRED BOOKS COLLECTION. Which of the titles included in our collection do you agree with? Which books do you think we should have included? Let us know in the comments box at the bottom of the collection page.

The ONE HUNDRED BOOKS CHALLENGE will be launched with our new Foundation Stage starters when they have had chance to settle into daily school life. There are a number of picture books in the collection suitable for their age group.