Alternative Learning Provision Centre

Our new Alternative Learning Provision Centre, which was formerly the After School Club hut, is being given a substantial makeover during the holidays. An additional unit has been added to the existing hut, and the exterior walls have been transformed so that the building fits into the style of the main school buildings. As you can see from the photos below, parts of the exterior walls have been covered with wood panelling similar to the walls of the school’s main entrance; other parts of the hut have been clad with a mock-brick design to match the existing brickwork around the school environment.

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Key Stage 2 Corridor Update (14 photos)

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Class Assemblies

class assemblies

The timetable for our Class Assemblies is now available below. Each class in Years 1-6 will present two assemblies during this school year, one of these will be on a Thursday, the other will be on a Friday. Children in the Foundation Stage will present one assembly each, near the end of the school year. All class assemblies start at 2.45pm and take place in the Key Stage 1 Hall.

The timetable is published below to give parents plenty of notice. In addition, parents of children presenting the assemblies that week will receive an invitation a few days beforehand to attend their child’s class assembly.

These dates are also published on our Diary page, and a reminder about the next two assemblies will appear each week in the sidebar on the right.

We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible joining us to share in these celebrations of the children’s learning.

Thursday 2 October EAGLE
Friday 3 October SNAPDRAGON
Thursday 9 October DAFFODIL
Friday 10 October DOLPHIN
Thursday 16 October ORCHID
Friday 17 October CHERRY
Thursday 23 October PUFFIN
Friday 24 October MAPLE
Thursday 6 November OAK
Friday 7 November ROBIN
Thursday 13 November SQUIRREL
Friday 14 November RABBIT
Thursday 20 November ELM
Friday 21 November OTTER
Thursday 27 November BLUEBELL
Friday 28 November BEECH
Thursday 3 December WOLF
Friday 4 December SNOWDROP
Thursday 15 January GOLDFINCH
Friday 16 January KINGFISHER
Thursday 22 January BADGER
Friday 23 January TULIP
Thursday 29 January SYCAMORE
Friday 30 January WREN
Thursday 5 February SNAPDRAGON
Friday 6 February EAGLE
Thursday 12 February DOLPHIN
Thursday 26 February CHERRY
Friday 27 February ELM
Thursday 5 March MAPLE
Friday 6 March DAFFODIL
Thursday 12 March ROBIN
Friday 13 March ORCHID
Thursday 19 March RABBIT
Friday 20 March GOLDFINCH
Thursday 23 April OTTER
Friday 24 April PUFFIN
Thursday 30 April BEECH
Friday 1 May BLUEBELL
Thursday 7 May SNOWDROP
Friday 8 May BADGER
Thursday 14 May KINGFISHER
Friday 15 May WILLOW
Thursday 21 May TULIP
Friday 22 May HEDGEHOG
Thursday 4 June WREN
Friday 5 June OAK
Thursday 11 June DUCKLING
Friday 12 June WOLF
Thursday 18 June POPPY
Friday 19 June SYCAMORE
Friday 26 June SQUIRREL

You can always return to this page by clicking the Class Assemblies link on the sidebar on the right.

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KS2 Corridor Update (7 photos)

New carpets in the corridor and a new floor for the hall.

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Three-quarters of a million hits!

Screenshot 2014-08-05 11.06.56

Our website has just passed the milestone of achieving three-quarters of a million hits since its launch in May 2010.

Screenshot 2014-08-05 11.02.03

To all of our visitors — pupils, parents, staff, friends of the school or just random passers-by — thank you for helping to make our presence on the world wide web so successful.Screenshot 2014-08-05 11.09.32

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