Sport: Year 5 and 6 Boys’ Football



On September 29th, the Year 5 and 6 football team hosted Ramridge Primary School in what was to be a tough encounter. After the Owls lost their first match, the boys knew they needed to get a good result against a strong Ramridge side. The boys got what they deserved with a hard fought 3-1 win.

The Owls started the match on the back foot, with Ramridge scoring within the opening few minutes making the task even harder. The team battled hard, and were dominating the game. Tyreece then popped up with a moment of magic lobbing the ball over the Ramridge goalkeeper making it 1-1 on the ninth minute. The boys sensed the opportunity and continued to push for the 2nd goal, and it came from a stunning strike from Arnis in the sixteenth minute. Half time score 2-1 to the St Matthews team.

The second half began with some good play from Ramridge, who were up for the battle. Having changed goalkeeper at half time, John who replaced Callum made some great saves to keep the boys ahead. The boys dug in and worked extremely hard to make sure Ramridge didn’t score, and their hard worked paid off a few minutes from time with Arnis slotting home the Owls’ third goal.

Speaking after the match, Mr Chaplen said:

“The overall attitude and effort of the boys on and off the pitch paid off in today’s result, which is proven by the score.”

Man of the Match Opeyemi had this to say after the game:

“We played well, were organised and protected our goalkeeper and we caused Ramridge’s defence problems.”

The Owls’ next game is against Warden Hill on October 14th.

Team: Arnis, Callum, Corey, Jermaine, John, Opeyemi, Saqib, Shamil, Teo, Tyreece.

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Special Awards – Friday 2 October 2015


We held our awards assemblies on Friday 2nd October in which the following children were all rewarded for their good work and positive attitude during the previous week. They received their certificates and stickers with many parents joining us to celebrate the achievements.

specialawardsflower1 CHERRY  — Giorgiana for being enthusiastic and having a good attitude towards learning. Taylen for always working hard in class.
 RABBIT  — Makai for his brilliant writing about reptiles and Jean Paul for remembering lots of fact about reptiles and putting his hand up on the carpet.
 SNOWDROP  — Maja for excellent work in Maths with ordering numbers. Mujtaba for working hard in English lessons and remembering lots of facts about reptiles.
 WREN  — Benas for persevering when ordering numbers in Maths! Samanta for writing lots of fantastic facts about reptiles!


 DAFFODIL  — Chloe for her amazing maths work! Maja for following the classroom rules and being a great role model!
 PUFFIN Lamar for always trying his best and Nikkia for an improved attitude to her learning.
 SQUIRREL  — Oliwier for continuing to try his best both inside and outside the classroom. Oliwier is currently learning English and making lots of great progress! Jason for being a good friend to everybody in Squirrel Class, especially to children that have found settling into Year 2 a bit more difficult.
 SYCAMORE  — Arleen for being an excellent role model. Christopher for writing independently about a character’s appearance.


 BEECH  — Tomasz for being a good role model to his fellow classmates by showing good listening skills and always giving his best. Khansa for being a good role model to her fellow classmates. She is always sitting, listening and ready to learn. She always gives her best.
 DOLPHIN  — Urszula for fantastic work in Maths. Good job multiplying by 2, 3, 5, 10. Tyler V for great work in Maths multiplying 2-digit numbers.
 ROBIN  — Natalia for going above and beyond in her homework and creating a model of Sandy from The Croods to represent her work. Aryan for always giving 100% in his work since the first day back at school.
 TULIP  — Laylah for focusing really well in Maths and Hajrah for jumping so far in long jump in athletics.


 BADGER  — Louis for his general attitude in class, making him a pleasure to teach and to work with. Natalia for wonderful enthusiasm and outstanding development in swimming.
 BLUEBELL  — Mary for super Maths work and practising her rapid recall facts at home. Kacper for super Maths work and being a positive role model in class.
 ELM  — Maeesha for always trying very hard in class and offering to go the extra mile. Antonina for trying especially hard in her Maths learning journey.
 GOLDFINCH  — Zainab for great enthusiasm on our school trip and amazing homework! Derrvesh for really trying hard to improve his handwriting and for getting a pen licence!


 KINGFISHER  — Razvan for being a really good friend and a happy member of our class. Ehsaan for always having a smile on his face and for appreciating everything.
 MAPLE  — Jasmine for working extremely hard in all areas of her learning. Riley for working really hard on his English.
 OTTER  — Nuno and Tia for showing such enthusiasm during our Viking Day workshops last week.
 SNAPDRAGON  — Romeo for showing great enthusiasm on Viking Day and Ibrahim for writing an excellent biography on Jonny Wilkinson.


 EAGLE  — Henoch for having an excellent grasp of modal verbs and for well and truly being a role model for Year 6! Blake for trying his best in all aspects of school and frequently offering a helping hand to others.
 OAK  — Tyreece for an amazing effort with his work on angles in Maths! Matthew for persevering with his work on algebraic equations!
 ORCHID  — Oliwia for working more independently in English and remembering to use good punctuation. Karol for his readiness to complete all tasks and sharing ideas; keep it up!
 WOLF  — Grace for the quality of her diary entry writing. Sebastian for his all round effort and enthusiasm.


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Year 4: Author encourages writers


Robin Price, author of the Spartapuss books all about a cat from the Roman empire, visited St Matthew’s this week to work with our Year 4 classes. He entertained all the children with a reading of one of his books and then spent the rest of the day holding writing workshops, encouraging the children to write their own Roman story using his writing frames.

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Sport: Year 5 and 6 Boys’ Football



On Tuesday 15th September the St Matthew’s Year 5 and 6 Football Team travelled to Pirton Hill Primary School for their first league match of the season. Despite being the better team for most of the game, the match ended with a disappointing defeat in the boys’ first league encounter.

The St Matthew’s boys played some excellent passing football but just couldn’t manage to put the ball in the back of the net. Having conceding in the 10th minute the boys immediately responded with a superb solo effort from John straight after, making the score 1-1 at half time.

After the break the boys battled hard and it would seem that they ran out of steam in the final seven minutes. Having conceded three goals against the run of play, the match ended 4-1 in Pirton Hill’s favour. The boys were deflated after the match and it’s now up to Mr Horton and the boys to pick themselves up and go again.

The team’s next league encounter is against Ramridge Primary School on the 29th September.

Team: ArnisCallum (GK), JermaineJohnOpeyemiSaqibShamil, TeoTyreece.

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Class Assemblies 2015-2016

class assemblies

The timetable for our Class Assemblies is now available below. Each class in Years 1-6 will present two assemblies during this school year, one of these will be on a Thursday, the other will be on a Friday. Children in the Foundation Stage will present one assembly each, near the end of the school year. All class assemblies start at 2.40pm and take place in the Key Stage 1 Hall.

The timetable is published below to give parents plenty of notice. In addition, parents of children presenting the assemblies that week will receive an invitation a few days beforehand to attend their child’s class assembly.

These dates are also published on our Diary page, and a reminder about the next two assemblies will appear each week in the sidebar on the right.

We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible joining us to share in these celebrations of the children’s learning.

Thursday 1 October ORCHID
Friday 2 October MAPLE
Thursday 8 October GOLDFINCH
Friday 9 October DOLPHIN
Thursday 15 October RABBIT
Friday 16 October DAFFODIL
Thursday 22 October WOLF
Friday 23 October OTTER
Thursday 5 November BLUEBELL
Friday 6 November SYCAMORE
Thursday 12 November WREN
Friday 13 November TULIP
Thursday 19 November OAK
Friday 20 November KINGFISHER
Thursday 26 November ELM
Friday 27 November PUFFIN
Thursday 3 December EAGLE
Friday 4 December BEECH
Thursday 14 January CHERRY
Friday 15 January SQUIRREL
Thursday 21 January BADGER
Friday 22 January ORCHID
Thursday 28 January DAFFODIL
Friday 29 January SNAPDRAGON
Thursday 4 February SNOWDROP
Friday 5 February WOLF
Thursday 11 February MAPLE
Friday 12 February ROBIN
Thursday 25 February SYCAMORE
Friday 26 February GOLDFINCH
Thursday 3 March DOLPHIN
Friday 4 March RABBIT
Thursday 10 March OTTER
Thursday 11 March BLUEBELL
Thursday 17 March PUFFIN
Friday 18 March WREN
Thursday 21 April TULIP
Friday 22 April ELM
Thursday 28 April KINGFISHER
Friday 29 April CHERRY
Friday 13 May
Thursday 19 May HEDGEHOG
Friday 20 May BADGER
Thursday 26 May BEECH
Friday 27 May POPPY
Thursday 9 June DUCKLING
Friday 10 June OAK
Thursday 16 June ROBIN
Thursday 23 June SQUIRREL
Friday 24 June EAGLE

You can always return to this page by clicking the Class Assemblies link on the sidebar on the right.

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Special Awards – Friday 25 September 2015


We held our awards assemblies on Friday 25th September in which the following children were all rewarded for their good work and positive attitude during the previous week. They received their certificates and stickers with many parents joining us to celebrate the achievements.

specialawardsflower1 CHERRY  — Uarda for excellent number writing andIsrael for a fantastic piece of independent Maths work.
 RABBIT  — Jhayron for sounding out his words independently in writing and  Jasmine for working really hard on her phonic sounds in reading.
 SNOWDROP  — Ike for working hard in our English lessons this week, using adjectives to describe an animal and Omarion for being an excellent role model for Snowdrop Class, being quick to follow instructions and always being happy to share with others.
 WREN  — Nikola for fantastic acting when performing ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt!’ and Mali for trying her best when writing an animal description.


 DAFFODIL  — Jayden for trying really hard in his learning and Nomsa for working hard in all areas of learning!
 PUFFIN Mariyah and Danyal for always setting a good example and being good role models.
 SQUIRREL Tayla for being a fantastic role model in Year 2 and Sefa for always trying her best in all lessons and setting a good example for the other children.
 SYCAMORE Inaaya for independently creating sentences using fantastic connectives. Dominik for reading beautifully and talking about the story.


 BEECH  — Jack for working very hard this week in Maths and being very eager to learn and to teach his friends how to do the work. Omrito for working so hard on his story writing this week and it paid off with a fantastically descriptive story based on our class book – Stone Age Boy.
 DOLPHIN  — Tawhid for an outstanding effort in English adding speech with action. Well done! Daisy for a fantastic version of Stone Age Boy which was really exciting to read. You have a huge imagination and such good ideas. Good job!
 ROBIN  Taylor for excellent sportsmanship during the Year 3 Rugby Tournament and Joshua for always being helpful in class throughout the day.
 TULIP  Jawad for using interesting adjectives in his writing and Ramy for always walking sensibly and being a good role model.


 BADGER  — Riaz for fantastic effort and persistence during swimming lessons. Amelia for consistently demonstrating outstanding behaviour and listening skills in the classroom.
 BLUEBELL  — Kyan and Michael for fantastic learning during topic day.
 ELM  Luiza for always trying hard in lessons and following instructions and Marcin for always having a responsible attitude towards his work.
 GOLDFINCH  Dylan for persevering with his work and for being really enthusiastic about the Romans! Alesia for showing dedication and excellence in her learning!


 KINGFISHER  Jammia for his positive attitude and for really  trying hard to organise himself. Latavia for being a great role model and for always putting 100% into everything she does.
 MAPLE  — Rahat for his excellent effort in English this week. Nicola for the excellent homework that she produced for the Rugby World Cup.
 OTTER  — Julia for working hard in all areas, especially becoming an expert in place value this week. George for demonstrating his skills as a thinking mathematician and applying his knowledge to solve tricky problems
 SNAPDRAGON  Lily for making a fantastic 3D model representing the countries competing in the Rugby World Cup, for homework. Ibrahim for creating an original poster representing the countries competing in the Rugby World Cup, for homework.


 EAGLE  — Keira for her fantastic involvement with philosophy sessions and being a really deep thinker – a great attribute! Naomi for excellent progression in our addition learning journey.
 OAK  Wiktoria for showcasing her amazing drama skills! Ebun for showing confidence in the classroom and making new friends at St Matthew’s.
 ORCHID  Ihsan for pleasing his teachers with his Maths skills and Suni for displaying a positive attitude to learning and listening carefully.
 WOLF  — Paul for his superb monologue writing and Kenza for being a fantastic role model to her peers.


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Photo Gallery: Year 5 Viking Days

pillage people

The Year 5 classes launched their Vikings topic this week with two special days, on Tuesday and Thursday. Our friends from History Off The Page visited again provided a variety of experiences, including clay modelling, weaving, herbal medicines, candle-making, as well as learning how the Vikings planned and carried out their raids. The second part of the workshop introduced the children to archeology and the skills needed when searching for evidence. The children also saw a demonstration of metalworking, with the melting of pewter ingots and creating an amulet using one of the children’s clay designs made earlier in the day. Many thanks to Craig on Tuesday and Andrew on Thursday for providing the children with such a memorable day.


Click here to see the full photo gallery of the Viking Days
in the Year 5 section of our website.

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Eid Mubarak


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Family Centre: Reading, Writing and Literacy

kucfsy1rwrlit01 kucfsy1rwrlit02

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Special Awards – Friday 18 September 2015


We held our first full awards assemblies on Friday 18 September in which the following children were all rewarded for their good work and positive attitude during the previous week. They received their certificates and stickers with many parents joining us to celebrate the achievements.

specialawardsflower1 CHERRY  — Thomas for working very hard in Maths this week and Haseenah for working very hard in English this week.
 RABBIT  — Eden for being super sensible and a great role model to others in Rabbit Class and Zain for his excellent counting in Maths to one hundred.
 SNOWDROP  — Arshdeep for working very hard on his reading this week and being a good role model in Snowdrop Class. Damian for trying hard to settle into Snowdrop Class. It has been lovely to see how his confidence has grown day by day.
 WREN  — Haleema for having a positive attitude to learning and Tommy for coming to school each day with a big smile on his face!


 DAFFODIL  — Alex for his great attitude and effort this week and Amelie for being a great role model and following the school rules.
 PUFFIN  — Abrar for creating an amazing picture using 2D shapes and Mohammed A for a fantastic piece of independent descriptive writing.
 SQUIRREL  — Bradley for settling into Year 2 very well and making sure he is always listening and Razvan for trying his best in phonics and always trying to read new words!
 SYCAMORE  — Lucas for producing an amazing summer holiday diary and Morgan for settling into Year 2 so quickly and always trying her best.


 BEECH  — Musa for his hard work and enthusiasm in Maths this week. Great work! Laibah for showing great dedication and enthusiasm to improve her writing by working hard at her reading. Keep it up!
 DOLPHIN  — Eduard for making a super effort all week in both English and Maths. Great job! Asmaa for her brilliant start to the year showing herself to be a good role model. Well done!
 ROBIN  Ledis for excellent work in Maths during his first week back at school. Reio for being very creative in DT and making a brilliant bear mask.
 TULIP  — Taha for being very caring and nurturing towards his group in drama and Jahmarley for his superb throwing and catching skills in rugby.


 BADGER  — Kian for showing a fantastic attitude towards his new class and the learning taking place and Amelia for showing enthusiasm and positivity in all activities.
 BLUEBELL  — Ryan for starting Year 4 with a positive attitude to learning and always doing the right thing and Wiktoria W for starting year 4 with a positive attitude to learning and always doing the right thing.
 ELM  — Aaliyah for showing a very conscientious attitude to her work on the first week of school. Ben for making a positive and confident start to Year 4.
 GOLDFINCH  Gabriella and Oskar for both setting a fantastic example of how to behave, learn and work alongside others in his new class.


 KINGFISHER  Niaz for being a great role model in Kingfisher Class and Vivien for making new friends even when she felt nervous.
 MAPLE  — Amzi and Zayn for being outstanding role models.
 OTTER  — Fabiya for her diligence in all learning activities and her beautiful presentation in her Learning Book and Tristen for making a brilliant start to Year 5 in Otter Class and having a great attitude in all areas.
 SNAPDRAGON  Yamikani for demonstrating impeccable manners at all times to all adults and his classmates. Nazreen for being a very helpful member of Snapdragon Class. 


 EAGLE  — Jamal for settling in very well and consistently following instructions without being prompted to do so – a real model student for the school! Neo for a fantastic few days after settling into his new class and working very hard in his English and Maths lessons, earning the title of ‘Lesson Star’ for forming his opinions about a character in the book ‘Street Child’.
 OAK  — Tanveer for showing a fantastic attitude towards his learning and Natalia for being so helpful around the classroom!
 ORCHID  Liam for fantastic acting in our drama workshop and Jasmine for following new class and school rules confidently.
 WOLF  — Samuel for his mature opinions and strong work ethic and Inaayah for her fantastic acting during our Crime & Punishment workshop.


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