Parent Partnership

Raising achievement by involving parents and carers in the work of our school.

Relationships built with our St Matthew’s community are highly important to us as a school.

We understand the benefits of strong bonds between pupils, parents and their teachers.

We always do our best to ensure that our communications are clear and consistent, and for this reason we are starting the process  to gain an award for our work by building strong relationships between our staff and our parents and carers.

This award will not only highlight the things we are doing well, but will also find areas that we can improve on, and in time create an even stronger partnership between the school and the community we are a part of. 

The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) will help us achieve these long-term benefits:

  • contribute to improved pupil attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress
  • increase parent participation and involvement
  • enhance parents’ support in their children’s learning
  • improve communication between home and school.

Involving yourself in your child’s education is an exciting challenge, with excellent benefits for your child, for you, for the school and for the local community. 

What's in the Leading Parent Partnership Award framework?


Support parents as their children transition through or between schools.


Include all groups of parents in supporting their children’s learning and developing their own learning.


Take steps to ensure that the school is a welcoming, communicative and friendly place for parents.


Provide clear and accessible guidance to help parents support their children’s learning and development.


Provide clear guidance on the responsibilities of parents, school and pupils, and share this information with parents as a key part of the induction process.

Home-school links

Produce parent-friendly policies to establish effective home–school links.

If you would like to become more involved or want more information, please contact us below:

We will use this page to keep you up to date on the progress the school is making towards achieving the Leading Parent Partnership Award