It is important that your child is in school every day. This gives the best possible chance to make the most of their learning time and develop habits for their adult life.

The registers are checked regularly. If there is a pattern of absence or frequent absence then the Headteacher will meet with the parents.

If frequent absence continues then the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) may take further action.

You will receive an attendance report for your child during the year. The percentage of attendance should be at least 97%.


From time to time children are ill and need to be kept at home. Please telephone school on 01582 723970, select line 1 (absence line) by 9.30am on the first day of absence to inform us of your child’s name, class and why your child is not in school.


Routine appointments for the doctor or dentist should be made outside of school time. For non-routine, specialist appointments during school time, please let us know in advance in writing; it is helpful if we can see the appointment card or letter. It is helpful if children can report for morning registration before going to a morning appointment; this way they are not counted as absent.


The government, local authority and school policy for term time leave is that it is not permitted. Any term time leave is discouraged. There is no ‘right’ to term time leave. Recent government legislation prohibits head teachers from authorising any term time leave unless there are “exceptional circumstances”. Parents or carers who withdraw their children from school during term time may be fined by the local educational authority. The fine is currently £60 per child per parent for each absence.


In certain circumstances it is possible for children to have up to two days per year for religious observance. It is important that parents contact the school prior to children being absent from school so that a record can be kept.


If there is any other reason that your child cannot be in school, please inform us in writing in advance stating the reason. If it is in response to an emergency, please telephone to let us know.