Parent Governors
Nazreen Afzal November 2020
Sarah Glover October 2017
Philip Hilaire-Moore December 2018
Anam Hussain October 2017
Local Authority Governor
Mark Rivers September 2020
Staff Governor
Megan McBarron July 2021
Jane Thomas August 2018
Co-opted Governors
Peter Davidson August 2019
Lesley Elson December 2017
Emma Green October 2020
Michael Hatton August 2019
Lesley McCullagh (Chair) August 2019
Rachel Warwick December 2019
Jackie Bartley

Finance Committee

Nasreen Afzal
Peter Davidson
Sarah Glover
Anam Hussain
Lesley McCullagh (Chair)
Rachel Warwick

Curriculum, Progress & Attainment Committtee

Nazreen Afzal (Chair)
Lesley Elson
Emma Green
Philip Hilaire Moore
Anam Hussain

Lesley McCullagh

Pay & Personnel

Nasreen Afzal
Lesley Elson
Emma Green
Megan McBarron
Mike Hatton
Philip Hilaire-Moore
Anam Hussain
Lesley McCullagh
Link Governors
Year R – Lesley Elson
Year 1 – Emma Green
Year 2 – Sarah Glover, Mark Rivers
Year 3 – Lesley McCullagh
Year 4 – Rachel Warwick
Year 5 – Philip Hilaire-Moore
Year 6 – Nasreen Afzal, Anam Hussain
Inclusion – Emma Green
Safeguarding – Philip Hilaire-Moore
Safer recruitment – Lesley McCullagh
Health and Safety – Peter Davidson
Alternative Learning Provision – Philip Hilaire-Moore
Looked After Children – Philip Hilaire-Moore
Anti-bullying – Sarah Glover
Arts – Rachel Warwick
Safeguarding Level 1
Emma Green
Philip Hilaire-Moore Safeguarding Level 2
Philip Hilaire-Moore Safer Recruitment
Lesley McCullagh
Sarah Glover
Mark Rivers
Jackie Bartley

Governors can be contacted through the school office.

Governors Register of Interests 2017/18

Governors Register of Attendance

Calendar of meetings 2017/18