Accelerated Reader

We’re into Week 2 of our Accelerated Reading programme. Children have all got new reading books and already some classes have begun taking book quizzes to build up their word counts and increase their comprehension skills and overall reading progress.

Well done to children from BadgerBeechEagleElmGoldfinchKingfisherMaple, Oak, Orchid, Otter, Snapdragon and Wolf classes for being quick out of the blocks with their reading quizzes.

Not surprisingly, we did not reach our target of 100,000,000 words across Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 as our Word Count was suspended when schools closed on March 20th. This was frustrating because we were in fact on course to beat our 2018-2019 total of 98,852,076 words.

So we’re putting that behind us and aiming to get to the magic total 100,000,000 words read between now and the end of this school year in July 2021.

The Word Count for all classes during 2019/20 is

Who are our Word Millionaires?

Early days, so no Word Millionaires yet, but two of our new Year 6 pupils were our second and third millionaires last year, so we’re expecting big things from them again this year. Or maybe we will get some new names on our Word Millionaires honours board