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  1. im in year 10 now but I used to go to st mathews until year 3 and I left to move to london.
    it’s really sad that none of my teachers work here
    ms Ford, ms young, ms ellis/redman, ms brooke
    so if anyone had them teachers let me know

  2. Hello, I thought I’d try here as it seems the old class blog wasn’t getting a response. It’s been almost nine years since I left St. Matthew’s. I can’t believe it, where did the time go? If anyone sees this, tell Mike Hatton to go back onto He was by far the best teacher I had throughout my time there. Well, I am now living in Milton Keynes, have finished my studies, and I have a beautiful 1 month old daughter. If only St. Matthew’s planned to have a reunion for the class of 2008, I’d definitely be there! I hope to visit soon.

    Much love

  3. I miss St Matthews I know it’s been 4 years but I miss Miss Pratt and Mrs Chidwick and Mr Khan. I was no angel but it was easy being in primary school.

  4. I dearly hope that everyone is having the time of their life at At Matthew’s, and not only the students but the teachers aswell. I never thought that the time would pass so quickly and I still can’t believe I’m in high school now… I miss all the techers and my friends that either stayed for another couple of years or went to a different high school, and I’m sure that even those who think that school is boring will miss St Matthew’s when the time for them to leave will come. So for those who still go there, never give up and use the time you’ve got the best you can to have the best memories possible. 😛
    I just miss St Matthew’s so much and I want teachers to know that what they do is amazing and that St Matthew’s is probably the best primary school ever. Keep up your great work and stay awesome…

    1. Miss st matts my school is going ok i’m doing well also if ur reading this put this #askmrdymock gonna do

  5. Hi everyone its been so long since i have wrote on this just been busy with exams and things so how is everyone? High school is fun and hard but all good things <3 😆 bored

      1. Hi Tasbiha its been a long time im great thanks and i am enjoying my second year. A lot of exams but still going great. How are you? <3 😆 and how is high school going for you? <3 😀 🙂 :p I have made lots of new friends but i miss all my old ones 🙁

        1. Heyy Jessica and I know it’s been a very long period of time since we haven’t talked… Probably since the time we left Year 6 but yes, I am good too thanks 😈 I know the fact that we have been have like 6 assessment in my school every single half term for every subject which isn’t so pleasing however; That’s a good thing that you have made good friends 👀 💋‍ I’ve made many new friends too of course x 😂😂😂 And Miss all my old ones 😤😣 Take care tho x

    1. Hi Yumna, how was your first day at Highschool? 💕 Must have had fun. So many people from St Matthew’s have already joined and settled into Barnfield South Academy. 👌 I can remember the time I joined Year 7. Was freaking out so much. 😂😂

  6. Hello ♥ ☺ How’s everyone? Hi Miss Humphrey and Miss Krstic. Hope you’re doing well! As I pass by, I clearly see a huge improvement which is such great news! Almost going ahead to the end of Year 7, quite surprising. From that moment I left the door of Orchid class, and now I will pass Year 7, the torture of assessments, reminders, organization, etc. Oh yeah and to all the Year 6’s, Good Luck for the SATs tests! Better start revising!
    Tasbiha ☺

    1. Hello Tasbiha. It was lovely to see your message on here. I hope that you are enjoying Year 7 even though it is nearly over! How fast time passes! Best of luck for Year 8.

      1. Hello Mrs Bardon ♥ I am glad that you have replied to my comment. Hope you enjoyed teaching Year 6 this year and the past previous classes. It’s so shocking that time flies so quickly like an arrow. I give you the best of luck for the next year six class that you will be teaching in September.
        Tasbiha ♥♥

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