Getting Ready For The Summer Sun!

As we are now entering our Summer Term, we are expecting days where temperatures will be warmer and we would like to ensure your child is well protected from the heat whilst at school.

Before School:

Please apply sunscreen to your children before they come to school. Due to severe allergies, we cannot accept sunscreen in school, so please use a high factor, long-lasting sun cream as this will keep them protected until the end of the day

It is essential that your child brings a bottle of water to school, which can be re-filled during the day as needed.

Students should also bring a sun hat which, if possible, covers their head, neck and ears. They will wear this in PE lessons, break times and lunchtime play.

During School:

We will encourage the students to stay in the shade during playtime and lunch where possible. Pupils will have their water bottles in the classroom and will be encouraged to drink at regular intervals. Each classroom has a tap where students can re-fill bottles as needed.

PE classes will, as far as possible take place in shaded areas, however these can also take place on our playground or field – so please provide a hat for your child to use outside.

Students will be reminded to wear their sun hats and have water bottles with them.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school on the number below.

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