Platinum Jubilee Celebration

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we will be holding a day of celebration and activity on Wednesday 25th May.

The day will consist of competitions and activities linked to the Her Majesty and how our country has changed during her reign. To end the day, we will have a whole school street party on the KS2 playground with live music, cake and drinks.

To help make this day as spectacular as possible, please can you help us with the following on Wednesday 25th May:

  • Bring in a small number of shop-bought or homemade cupcakes for the children to share during our afternoon street party celebration (please remember we are a nut free school)
  • Send your child to school wearing clothing using the colour guide below (if possible) (Children don’t need to wear their school uniform.)
Year RBlue
Year 1Blue
Year 2Red
Year 3White
Year 4White
Year 5Red
Year 6Red

Thank you for your support. We hope that everyone will have a memorable day celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee at St Matthew’s.

Many thanks.

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