Platinum Jubilee Celebration

The country will soon be enjoying a four-day celebration weekend to mark the truly historic occasion of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee — seventy years on the throne — the only British monarch to achieve such a milestone.

As the Jubilee Weekend is in our half-term break, we started early by holding a magnificent celebratory street party (on the playground) with the whole school joining together, dressed in either red, white or blue, to represent the flag of the United Kingdom.

For the first time ever in the history of St Matthew’s, we were able to record the event with some aerial photographs taken from a drone which hovered above the playground throughout the afternoon. Thank you very much to Mrs Hanif, one of our cover supervisors, for loaning the drone to us and providing the splendid images below.

Our aerial video, filmed from the drone, is now available to view in the panel below.

Thank you to everyone who donated cakes for the tea party – once again, the St Matthew’s family displays their amazing generosity in providing a superb feast for the pupils.

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