Forthcoming Ofsted School Inspection

St Matthew’s Primary School has received notification that there will be a two-day Ofsted Inspection looking at our remote learning on Wednesday 4th February and Thursday 5th February. Please see the following information below for how your views can be shared.

We would like to invite all registered parents of registered pupils at the school to inform Ofsted of their views about the school via Ofsted’s online survey site, Ofsted Parent View.

Ofsted is inspecting this school remotely and we would like to know what current parents and carers think about the school. These views about the school are important to us.

If you are a registered parent or carer of a pupil at the school (including pupils on sick leave or who are temporarily excluded), you can tell us your views about the school by completing Ofsted’s online survey, Ofsted Parent View, at:

Ofsted Parent View asks for your opinion on some aspects of your child’s school, including the progress made by your child, the quality of teaching, how the school deals with bullying and poor behaviour. It also provides a free-text box for you to make additional comments, if you wish. The inspectors will use the online survey responses when inspecting your child’s school.

To register your views, you will need to provide your email address, which will be held securely. It will not be used for any purpose other than providing access to the online survey. Neither the school nor Ofsted will have access to any email addresses submitted to Ofsted Parent View.

Please complete the online survey as soon as possible, preferably by 11am on the first day of the inspection, as this will give the inspection team more time to consider your views.

We’d love to hear what you think, so why not add a comment here?

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