New Starters Information


Welcome to our New Starters page.

Here you will find vital information, important dates and details about school life.

Please take the time to read all of the information below.

As your child begins an exciting new stage of their life with us, we would like to share some information with you.

Our Reception Year is made up of four classes:

Willow – Hedgehog – Poppy – Duckling

The year group leader is Mrs Emma Matthews.

Why not take a few minutes to watch our video to find out about the Foundation Stage. This will be your learning area when you start in September.

If the video will not play on this page, you can follow this link to watch it on our YouTube channel.

“All groups of children, including those with SEND and those who are disadvantaged, make strong progress.” (Ofsted)


Wednesday 22nd June 2022 – 4pm and 6pm — Meeting for parents and carers of children joining Poppy and Willow classes. Please come to the front entrance of the school. (You only need to attend one of the two meetings.)

Thursday 23rd June 2022 – 4pm and 6pm — Meeting for parents and carers of children joining Duckling and Hedgehog classes. Please come to the front entrance of the school. (You only need to attend one of the two meetings.)

“Children in early years make strong progress so that they are well prepared for Year 1.” (Ofsted)


Because we have been unable to invite you into school, we have all recorded a special story video so you can see who we are and enjoy listening to a story. You can watch them all at once or you can watch a couple per week – there are fourteen altogether so they’ll keep you going for the whole summer holiday before you start school. You can even watch them over and over again. When we meet you in September, you can tell us which story was your favourite.

Click on the image above to go to our Story Videos page.


Stay and Play with your new class teacher and
spend time in your new classroom

We invite you and your child to  attend a STAY AND PLAY session to spend time in their new classroom and to meet their new teacher to ask any questions. Children do not need to wear school uniform for this event.

Poppy and Willow 
Tuesday 5th July 
9.30 – 10.30 am
Duckling and Hedgehog 
Tuesday 5th July 
4.00 -5.00pm
Duckling and Hedgehog 
Tuesday 12th July 
9.30 – 10.30am
Poppy and Willow 
Tuesday 12th July 
4.00 – 5.00 pm

“skilful questioning that encourages children
to think for themselves, solve problems and deepen their understanding.”


Flying Start has been set up to ensure families feel supported in helping their child prepare for the transition from a childcare setting to their new school. This is a big step for all involved and this website provides lovely resources and ideas to support parents in getting their children ready. You can find this information in the Transition Area.

Click here to visit the Flying Start Luton website

“a vibrant area in which children feel entirely safe to explore, question and play” (Ofsted)


Term begins for all children in Years 1 – 6 on Monday 5th September.

Reception staff will carry out home visits to all New Starters from Monday 5th to Friday 9th September. (Details to follow)

All New Starters will start Reception part-time from Monday 12th SeptemberSchool uniform should be worn from this date.

All Reception children will be in school full-time from Friday 16th September.

Please look out for an email with your child’s dates and times.

“Children’s behaviour is excellent and they work and play well together.” (Ofsted)


In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 all children receive a free school dinner; this is due to the Universal Infant Free School Meals initiative by the Government. There is no packed lunch option until Year 3.

Further information about school meals (including sample menus) can be found here:

“When they move into Year 1, they are prepared well for what they will be learning.” (Ofsted)


We expect all new starters to be wearing school uniform from when they begin to attend part-time, week commencing Monday 12th September.

Boys must wear grey trousers, white polo shirt or white shirt and maroon jumper, with or without the school logo.

Girls must wear grey skirt or trousers, white polo shirt or white blouse and maroon cardigan or jumper, with or without the school logo.

All school branded uniform can be purchased from the school using the SCOPAY app.

Sensible black shoes or plain black trainers.

No patterns or lines in hair.

One single stud earring may be worn in each ear. These must be removed for PE lessons.

Full details of our uniform catalogue can be found at

“Children in early years make strong progress so that they are well prepared for Year 1.” (Ofsted)


A pdf version of the image above can be downloaded here.

“rich opportunities for children to develop their early skills in
reading, writing and mathematics
.” (Ofsted)

The 2022 edition of our Information for new starters booklet will be published below after the New Intake meetings on 22/23 June. You will be able to scroll through the pages to find out all the information you should need to prepare for your child joining St Matthew’s Primary School.

“Children develop superb attitudes to learning. (Ofsted)