St Matthew’s Primary School – Our Aims and Vision

The school is committed to ensuring that the aspirations of each child who walks through our doors grow and that they are given the skills both academically and socially to thrive.

The school’s aim is to create a culture of aspiration, opportunity, security, thoughtfulness and confidence and to show children what is possible and on offer if they seek, imagine, endeavour, work hard, practise, enjoy, think, collaborate, persevere and challenge themselves … and others. 

The school recognises children as individuals and our broad-based curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities offer all children the chance to explore the world of learning and find their own passions and interests alongside academic skills.

This is achieved by the school, parents, children, governors, and the wider community working together in partnership with shared goals and ambition, with integrity, with creativity, passion and dedication.

Learning to be the best that we can be

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