Keeping In Touch

Do we have your correct contact details?

We are aware that the contact details of some parents and carers are out of date. During this period of school closures, when class teachers have been making “check-in” calls to pupils and parents, they have been unable to make contact with some families.

Even under normal circumstances, it is vital that our records contain correct up-to-date information. With the school being closed, it is more difficult to ensure that messages get through to everyone. 

We will soon be sending out the pupils’ Annual School Reports, and if we don’t have your correct contact details, your child’s report will be delayed.

You might have changed your landline or mobile phone number recently, or you might have a new email address, and you have forgotten to inform the school office.

If you think your details might be out of date, just send an email with the up-to-date information to and we will check our records and update them if necessary.

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