High Town

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HIGH TOWN is a hilly district of Luton adjacent to Luton railway station and extends in a north-easterly direction towards Hitchin. It is a convenient location for the daily commuter to London and the district has been recently renovated after many years of neglect.

Compared to Luton town centre, High Town is a quieter, older world of small shops and Victorian terraced houses. It was always a mixed area that provided work, housing and leisure to people employed in the hat trade that flourished in Luton until the late thirties.

Luton Council has recently finished a programme of refurbishing shop fronts and re-paving roads. This has been undertaken in a style befitting the Victorian heritage of much of High Town. The diverse ethnic community of High Town is reflected in the newer shops and businesses that have recently been established: there is now a Polish deli and a brand new Lithuanian café and grocer shop, as well as Asian, African and Caribbean food stores.

Further up High Town Road and on the side streets and adjacent roads are terraces of Victorian houses, traditionally built in local brick with bay-windows and all with very substantial back gardens. Between High Town Road and Hitchin Road, is an area of warehouses and factories.

High Town has always been a favourite location for the young with many lively pubs and clubs in the area. With recent renovation and building projects, such as Milliners Court (a large warehouse converted into apartments), High Town is seeing a growth in commuters living in the area. This has been encouraged by the fast train connection to London’s St Pancras railway station which is less than 25 minutes journey time.