At various times throughout the school year, we hold fundraising events to support projects in the local community and the wider world. This is often done through non-uniform days when we request a donation of £1, produce sales and sponsored events. During the last year or so, we have supported Luton Foodbank, Race For Life, Level Trust, the Grenfell Tower Appeal and others.

Our first fundraiser during the Autumn term 2018 was a cake sale in support of Macmillan Cancer Support on Wednesday 3rd October which raised…

On Friday 19th October, we had a No Uniform Day. Children could choose the clothes they wore to school in return for a donation towards the Luton Foodbank, a project we have supported many times in the past.

Although we didn’t count all the items, if every pupil and member of staff contributed just one item for the Foodbank, then this pile of bags could be close to a total of one thousand individual items.

Friday 16th November was Children In Need Day and we had another No Uniform Day which raised at total of …

Thank you to everyone who has supported our fundraisers in the past and for your continuing support in the future.


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