Handling the heatwave

A number of parents have asked how we as a school plan to manage the high temperatures forecasted for next week. 

We plan to follow all official guidance for dealing with extreme heat. School will remain open and all children will be expected in. Any child kept at home because of the weather will be classed as an unauthorised absence. 

There is no maximum temperature for schools to close under, only a minimum, so as far as we are concerned it is business as usual, with a few common sense adaptations. 

The high temperatures mean we will adapt the school day and activities accordingly, and ask that you support us in a number of ways to ensure the children continue learning and have a full and fun last week at school.

We plan to…

  • Cover external windows from the outside to keep the heat from the sun out, if windows have no blinds
  • Draw all internal blinds
  • Open all roof vents (we have many)
  • Keep all external doors closed, the air outside will be warmer than air inside
  • Purchase additional room fans, all classrooms have wall mounted fans already
  • Cancel all PE
  • Break times will be moved to before 11am (as advice is to keep out of the sun 11am-2pm)
  • Lunch time, children will have the choice to relax in the shade or indoors, this will be heavily supervised
  • All lights and electrical equipment will be turned off unless absolutely necessary
  • Water will be made readily available to all children, as usual, and all classes will have regular compulsory drink breaks throughout the day

What we need you to do everyday… 

  • Bring your child to school as usual 
  • Send your child in with a refillable water bottle 
  • Send your child in with a sunhat 
  • Apply sunscreen before your child comes to school 

Finally, school uniform does not need to be worn next week. Please dress your child in loose, breathable, comfortable clothing, suitable for the weather. If you want your child to wear uniform they still can. 

It is going to be hotter than usual everywhere, outside, inside, at home and at school … so best they are in school learning, staying out of the sun and keeping hydrated with their friends for a great last week of the school year. 

Thank you in anticipation of your support. 

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