Year 5 and 6 at The Chellington Centre

It’s Summer Term 2 so it must be time to visit Chellington again! Following the success of last year’s visits when each class in Year 5 and 6 visited for an overnight stay in the former countryside church building, our Year 5 and 6 classes this week visited again in paired class groups. To make things a little different from their previous visit, the journey to Chellington took a detour (intentional) to a nearby indoor climbing centre. Also, because two classes were visiting at the same time, the Year 5 children occupied the indoor dormitories, while the Year 6 children slept in tents outdoors. We say “slept” … you can guess how that went.

Here are some photos of the first two classes, Snapdragon (Y5) and Wolf (Y6) enjoying their time in the rural environment that is the beauty of Chellington. 

We hope to have photos of the second group — Kingfisher and Eagle — who visited Chellington this week here on this page soon. Watch this space!

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