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IXL Personalised learning

British Council

KS1 BBC Bitesize English

KS2 BBC Bitesize English

Language Comprehension: What Do I Look Like?

Language Comprehension: The Party

Language Comprehension: Smart aunties

Language Comprehension: Elmer’s Weather

Language Comprehension: We’re Going On A Lion Hunt

Language Comprehension: Maisy Goes Camping

Sharing text: Dressing up

Comprehension & recounting Stories: ‘This Is Me’

Sharing text: Story time and travel

Following symbol and verbal directions

Positional language – Dressing up

Writing instructions to make a sock puppet

Instructional texts – Making a card

Text sharing rhyming books: ‘Up, Down, Around’

Instructional texts – Planting seeds

How to find words that rhyme

How to write and perform a simple poem

Writing and performing: A simple colour poem

Teaching possession using family items

British Council – Grammar practice

Packing for a holiday

How to write a postcard

Recount writing: Captions for photos