Health and Welfare

First Aid

Several members of staff hold First Aid certificates and there is always a qualified member in the school when the children are present. Minor accidents are dealt with within the school, but should a visit to the doctor or hospital be advisable then the parent or guardian will be contacted.

Please let us know if your child is allergic to plasters or medicines.

A few children have more complex health needs and require a Care Plan. Please let us know if your child requires long-term medication or treatment.

In the event of an emergency we will need to contact you urgently. To make this possible you must inform us of any changes to the contact details we hold for your child. This includes address, telephone numbers and workplace details.


We can only administer medicines prescribed by a doctor. If you wish us to administer medicine to your child, the following procedure must be followed:

  • it must be given to the office or the medical room by an adult;
  • it must be collected from the medical room by an adult;
  • an indemnity form must be signed stating the dose to be given and giving staff permission to administer the medicine.


Many children suffer from asthma, this is not a problem to us. We will encourage and help them to participate fully in all aspects of school life. If your child needs an inhaler it is advisable to keep a spare one in the school medical room. It will also be necessary to state the required dosage on the school’s indemnity form.

Head lice

Please be vigilant in looking for head lice as the school nurse no longer visits the school to check children’s hair. If you find lice or eggs it is essential to treat them following the latest advice. If you are in any doubt, please come and see our Welfare Officer or one of our Family Workers for advice.

If your child has any other medical condition that we need to be aware of, please speak to our Welfare Officer via the school office.

School Health Services

The School nurse, dentist and audiometrician visit the school regularly to carry out routine examinations. Parents are always informed if their child is to be seen. If you have any health concerns about your child, please inform us. We can arrange for you to see the school nurse for advice if it is needed.

The school nurse can be contacted on 01582 557088.