Handwriting Competitions

Here is our latest competition that gives you the opportunity to show off your amazing handwriting skills! There will be prizes for the best work after the half term break. Entries need to be handed in by Friday 18th June. Follow the steps below to enter.

Your teacher will give you your year group’s poem and a handwriting lined sheet. If you lose either of these, you can download and print a replacement copy.

Step 1 – Download and print the template for your Year Group (if you are unable to print at home, you can ask a teacher to print one off for you)

Year 1 & 2 Template

Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 Template

Step 2 – Select your year group’s poem below and copy it onto the template in your neatest handwriting.

If you cannot fit the whole poem on to the lined sheet, you can download and print another sheet, or just write as much as you can fit on.

Year 1 PoemMeet the pirates!

Year 2 PoemMy best friend

Year 3 PoemMy Fairy

Year 4 PoemDreams Are Meant To Come True

Year 5 PoemThe Moon

Year 6 PoemAngels and Demons

Step 3 – Bring your amazing work into school and hand it in to your class teacher! Make sure it has your name and class written neatly at the top.