York St John’s 100-mile Challenge

In addition to our own QUEEN BEE BIKE AND HIKE, our friends at YORK ST JOHN’S UNIVERSITY (our hosts for the start of the first leg of the cycle ride) were holding their own cycling challenge on Friday 26 April.

As our six cyclists set off for the 100 mile leg of the bike ride on Day 1, students from York St John’s began a relay on campus with cyclists completing 15-minute rides with the aim of reaching a total of 100 miles before our cyclists reached their Day 1 destination at South Witham on Friday afternoon. With no hills and no wind, they achieved their goal, but still used up a lot of energy in the process, as you can see from their Instagram photos below.

They have their own Just Giving page and have set themselves a target of £300 through sponsorship and donations.

We would like to thank everyone at York St John’s University involved in this challenge for their support and we wish them all the very best of luck in completing their challenge and reaching their fundraising target.