Year 4 Swimming – Autumn 2

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is almost time for your child’s class to begin their swimming lessons. Please see below a review of all the information you will need to ensure they have a brilliant swimming experience as well as the dates your child’s class will be swimming. 

Swimming during Autumn 2: Badger and Elm Classes

  • Thursday 4th November
  • Thursday 11th November
  • Thursday 18th November
  • Thursday 25th November
  • Thursday 2nd December
  • Thursday 9th December

Year 4 swimming lessons will take place on Thursday mornings at Inspire Luton Sports Village; we will travel to the swimming pool by double decker bus where your child will take part in a 45-minute lesson before coming back to school.

For swimming your child will need:

BoysSwimming trunks/shorts, above knee length (to be worn to school under their PE kit); towel.

GirlsSwimming costume, no bikinis (to be worn to school under their PE kit); towel.

For modesty girls may wear leggings and/or a T-shirt over their swimming costume.

Please note – goggles are not needed.

Swimming hats are not provided but are recommended for all children with long hair.

Swimming is part of the National Curriculum and all children must take part in these sessions. If for any reason your child can’t swim one particular week please send them into school with a signed note just giving a brief explanation as to why not.

School swimming lessons are designed to give the children the skills they need to be safe in and around water; they are not a substitute for regular swimming lessons. For this reason we ask that if your child attends swimming lessons outside of school that you keep them in the sessions during the time that they are having their school swimming lessons.

The lessons cater for all abilities, whether your child has never swum before or they regularly attend lessons out of school. The lessons are led by Active Luton swim teachers and assisted by the St Matthew’s PE team who will be in the water alongside the children ensuring they are able to get the most from their lessons.

To ensure the safety of everyone taking part the following measures have been put in place by Active Luton and St Matthew’s Primary School in regards to swimming in accordance with both government and Swim England guidelines. 

Children will need to come to school with their swimwear on under their PE kit each Thursday to limit changing time. (Please remember to pack a change of underwear for after the lesson). 
The two classes attending the swimming lesson will travel via double decker bus allowing us to keep the class bubbles separate during travel.
Once at the pool we will be using four changing rooms in order to give space for each bubble and boys and girls to change separately.
Each class will be split into three groups, meaning their lessons will only be with children from their class.
If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your child attending school swimming lessons please call or email the school office.

Mr D. Chaplen

Sports Development Manager