Year 5 Puberty Lessons


Dear Parents and Carers,

As part of our Science and Health Education curriculum, children in Year 5 learn about body changes during puberty. All pupils take part in these lessons as they are part of Science and Health Education. Your child will take part in these lessons in the week of 8th November. This letter will give you some more information.

These lessons are not about reproduction or sexual intercourse.

Girls and boys will be separated for the lesson. Girls will learn about the body changes of girls and boys will learn about the body changes of boys. Later in the year, pupils will learn about the opposite gender. No videos or photographs will be used. Scientific diagrams will be used to show the body parts.

The lesson will include the following:

  • The stages of the human life cycle: infancy, childhood, pubescence, adulthood, old age
  • What is puberty? How old are we when our bodies begin to change? Do we all experience changes at the same time?
  • Changes including: growing taller, body changing shape, body hair, voice changes, growing breasts, sweating, pimples or spots, oily skin or hair, periods, hormones
  • Why do these changes take place? What are the names of the body parts which change during puberty? (Scientific names will be used)
  • How can I look after myself during puberty? (the importance of washing and keeping clean, looking after your emotions)
  • Girls will be taught about sanitary pads (not tampons) and reusable underwear.

Our RHSE policy is available to view on the school website. If you have any questions, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

We would encourage parents and carers to have conversations with their child about this topic at home. If you need any support with this, please get in contact with Mrs Bardon or Mr Bell via the school office.

We are working on producing some child friendly information leaflets about puberty to be shared later in the year.

Mrs Bardon and Mr Bell

RHSE Co-ordinators