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  • St Albans Trip Part 1
    Wow! Wow! Wow! What a day we had today. We spent time in the museum learning about the life of Roman people in Britannia. We picked up some artifacts that were over 2000 years old. The opportunity to see a mosaic that had survived since the Romans had built the town of Verulamium and the underground … Continue reading St Albans Trip Part 1 →
  • Multi Use Games Area
    Hello and welcome to your homework. Click on this link and you will be taking to a questionnaire. Complete all the questions and ask your parent to complete the questionnaire for them. Leave a comment when you are done with your name and any thoughts about getting a great area to use!
  • The product production line
    The new product has been launched!!! An audacious idea is in place to allow the children of Year 4 to create a product name and pitch it to TGI Friday. What names can you come up with? Can anyone use alliteration? Word play? Please make it better than Mr Parker’s attempt!
  • Egyptian Animal Experience
    All of year 4 met animals native to Egypt today in a fantastic animal experience! Here are some photos of Bluebell class. More photos to follow.
  • Bluebell’s Christmas Song
    As the season of festivities has arrived, Bluebell class have got into the Christmas spirit. Using Charanga in a music lesson, they learnt the pitch, tone and lyrics to a Christmas song. Why not have a listen and see f you can join in?  
  • Badger’s Music Video
    Ever wondered what an Ancient Egyptian music video would look like? Of course, we can never truly find out as they did not have video recording back then. Thankfully, Mr Kiley and Badger class have given you an insight into what an Ancient Egyptian music video could look like. Premiered at Badger’s class assembly and … Continue reading Badger’s Music Video →
  • Spanish
    In year 4 we have been learning our numbers up to 30 in Spanish! Click on the link below to see how well you do. Can you remember them all? Do any sound similar to the English pronunciation?  
  • Children in Need
    Last week, year 4 were given the task to design Pudsey’s outfit. There were so many fantastic designs. Can you see yours?
  • Bluebell’s Assembly
    Didn’t make it to Bluebell’s assembly? No problem, you can watch it here! All you need to do is click on the link below.    
  • Year Four’s Fantastic Homework
    Year 4 children were asked to design their own cake. They have all done a fantastic job! These are a few pictures of the awesome creations: