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  • Elf on the Shelf – Day 10
    Today the elves found the classroom scissors and created some beautiful snowflakes for the children to admire. I wonder what they’ll get up to over the weekend!?   Advertisements
  • On Wednesday Year 2 had their wonderful star power assembly to celebrate the children who have achieved their first star power certificate 🙂
  • Elf on the shelf – Day 9
    Uh oh! Look what those elves have been up to today! They crept into the cupboard and started playing with the Golden Time toys! What sneaky elves they are!
  • Festive Jumper Day
    The children all had a wonderful time today eating their lunch with their teachers. They  looked fantastic in their festive clothes as well. Don’t you agree!?      
  • Elf on the shelf – Day 8
    It looks as if the elves were causing mischief when they returned home to the North Pole last night. This morning Santa made them all write some lines as a punishment for the trouble they caused. What do you think they did?
  • Miss O’Donovan’s Question of the week!
    This week I would like you to think about, and answer, this question. Don’t forget to use my favourite word ‘because’ . Would you rather be able to control the weather OR be able to talk to animals? I think that I would like to be able to talk to animals because I have 2 cats and I’d … Continue reading Miss O’Donovan’s Question of the week! →
  • Elf on the shelf – Day 7
    What a crazy few days it has been! When the children came into Sycamore Class this morning, they saw that Max the elf had been making the most of the fresh snow and had tried to start a snowball fight in the classroom! I wonder what those crazy elves will do tomorrow!
  • Elf on the shelf – Day 6
    Those cheeky elves have been at it again! This morning when the children came into class, they discovered that the elves had learnt how to use the photocopier and had then photocopied themselves! I hope they don’t cause any mayhem over the weekend!      
  • Elf on the shelf – Day 5
    You would not believe what Arthur, Daffodil Class elf, has done! He has sat himself in Daffodil Class’s Christmas decorations and covered himself in stickers! What a funny little elf he is! I wonder what those sneaky elves will be up to tomorrow!
  • Elf on the shelf – Day 4
    Puffin Class were in for a surprise when they entered the classroom this morning. Pufel, the class elf, had transformed into a Superhero complete with cape and mask! He was flying above the book corner causing mischief again! Tomorrow we’ll see what Arthur the elf has been doing in Daffodil Class.