Whole School – Covid Arrangements

Dear Everyone,

We had hoped to be releasing some of our current COVID restrictions by now and moving to our pre-COVID way of working and organising the school day.

With COVID rates as they are locally and the low vaccination rates in the community, we have decided to continue as we are for the foreseeable future.

Many schools who released their rules in September are now having to re-instate them, as their COVID cases rise.

Our staff and pupil cases are relatively low and this is in part due to our keeping our COVID organisation in place and to families support and vigilance to symptoms.

We are making one change to the way Year 1 are dropped off and collected from school though, to ease congestion on the High Town Road pavement which is very narrow and parents have raised safety concerns. Year 1 parents/carers will receive a separate communication about this.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience.

Ms Thomas and Ms Thompson