Snow procedures

On days when there has been a significant snowfall, please do not assume that the school will automatically be closed.

We have a duty to remain open in order to provide an education for our pupils as long as it is safe for all those concerned. This includes the pupils themselves and the school staff when they are on the premises.

We are fortunate in having a catchment area in which most of our pupils live within walking distance of the school. Also, a significant number of our staff live within or close to the catchment area and consequently are able to make their way safely to school on foot on particularly snowy days. This means that, all being well, we are usually able to maintain an adequate level of supervision of the pupils during the school day.

Any decision to close the school will be taken in the light of safety considerations for all concerned. We are sure parents appreciate that it is always difficult to make a decision as to whether to open or close due to weather conditions at 6am, and we never know whether conditions will worsen or improve during the day.

Any school closure will be announced through the following channels:

We are also mindful that many families drive to and from school. Should weather conditions get worse during any snowy day, we may invite you to come and collect your child early if you feel it necessary given your particular circumstances.

Thank you in anticipation of your continuing co-operation. This will enable us to keep functioning as regularly and as safely as possible for everyone.