Dear Parents and Carers,

Ramadan Mubarak!

At St Matthew’s all children are encouraged to feel positive about their family, their culture and their faith.

We are aware that some of our families will be observing Ramadan from Saturday 2nd April and will continue until approximately Sunday 1st May.

Whilst we recognise that fasting is not compulsory before the age of puberty in Islam, we understand that some children in Year 6 may wish to fast during Ramadan.

Parental permission for children to fast

Please ensure that you inform the school office if you wish for your Year 6 child to fast during Ramadan in order to ensure that we provide the relevant support.

We do not encourage children below Year 6 to fast.

Supporting pupils who become ill

As part of our safeguarding duty, we will advise a child to break their fast by drinking some water, if they become ill, dehydrated or exhausted. We will decide this on a case-by-case basis; however, we understand that it must still be the child’s decision about whether or not to break their fast.

In order to ensure that there is mutual co-operation between the parents of children who are fasting and St Matthew’s, please speak to your child about when it is acceptable to break a fast, as most scholars of Islam advise that this is allowed if someone is ill.

Adapting to the needs of fasting pupils

Fasting may make some children feel tired; therefore, in discussion with the child, we will plan changes to their timetable or participation in activities, so they do not become too tired. For example, children will be encouraged to play games that do not use too much energy and may sit out of PE lessons (and participate in an alternative activity).

Our role at St Matthew’s is to create a welcoming environment, where children can exercise religious freedom and make choices.

If there is anything further that we can do to support you and your family during Ramadan, please let us know.

Kind regards,

Ms D. Thompson and Ms J. Thomas

Co-Headteachers – St Matthew’s Primary School