Children’s Raffle

All of our pupils have been given Queen Bee Bike & Hike fundraising sheets. We would like our pupils to ask their families, friends, neighbours, parents’ work colleagues to donate pound coins to be stuck to the sheets with sticky tape.

There are four sections, each worth five pounds. Children who manage to collect £5 will be given one raffle ticket; children who collect £10 will receive two raffle tickets. £15 will earn the pupil three raffle tickets and a full sheet complete with £20 in coins will earn four raffle tickets PLUS a free bonus ticket!


raffle ticket


raffle tickets


raffle tickets


raffle tickets plus ONE BONUS TICKET!

!!! STOP PRESS !!!

Anyone who fills their donation sheet with a total of £20 will receive an official Queen Bee Bike And Hike event T-shirt

The prizes will be drawn by members of the cycling team as they make their way down the country from York. Winners’ names will be announced on our school’s Sports Twitter page at @ActiveStMatts.

Sheets must be handed to your class teacher on the first day back after the Easter holiday, Wednesday 24 April to make sure your raffle tickets are added to the hat before the cycling team leave for York on Thursday 25 April.