Charging statement

Statement on charging for activities

St. Matthew’s Primary School aims to provide enriched and stimulating learning opportunities for all pupils.

In order for additional activities to take place the Governors have agreed that where the school budget cannot cover the full cost a voluntary contribution will be sought from parents.

At St Matthew’s Primary School voluntary contributions may be requested to support the following:

  • Any activity which takes place during school hours or may extend before/beyond that is deemed to be part of the curriculum e.g visit or visitor etc;
  • School equipment, especially where it is lost, damaged or broken;
  • School funds generally

Contributions are genuinely voluntary and no person unable or unwilling to pay will be discriminated against.

Where there are not enough voluntary contributions and there is no way of making up the shortfall the activity will be cancelled.

Residential Trips

Dell Farm: Remitted fees are currently available to pupils in receipt of free school meals.

Leslie Sell Activity Centre Year 6: The cost will be met by the school.

No other residential trip will be planned without the consent of the Governing Body who will establish what charge, if any, can be made.

All charges are in accordance with current legislation.

This charging statement will be reviewed annually.

Agreed by Governors: 15th December 2014