Welcome back!

We are looking forward to welcoming back all of our pupils returning to school in Years 1 to 6 next Thursday 2nd September 2021. We hope that you all have had a safe, relaxing and enjoyable holiday and are ready to start an exciting new year of learning here at St Matthew’s.

We also can’t wait to meet and welcome all of our new starters joining our Foundation Stage during the first couple of weeks of the new term. We’re sure you’re excited to be starting school for the first time and being with us, hopefully, for the next seven years.

For the first few weeks, at least until the October half term break, we will be retaining our existing arrangements. Depending on the Covid-19 situation, taking into account advice from Public Health England and LBC Health & Safety advisers, this will be reviewed on a regular basis. We want to be sure that any changes we make to return to “the old normal” are sustainable to avoid causing undue inconvenience to all of our families.

Access Points

• Gates 1 and 2 are the two adjacent gates at the main entrance on Havelock Road. (YEAR 4 / YEAR 2)

• Gate 3 is on Havelock Road, giving access directly into the Foundation Stage playground. (YEAR R)

• Gate 4 is the gate on High Town Road next to the High Town Road (KS1) Playground. (YEAR 1)

• Gate 5 is in Cobden Street next to the delivery entrance.  (YEAR 3)

• Gate 6 is at the bottom of Cobden Street, giving access to the North Street (KS2) Playground.  (YEAR 6)

• Gate 7 is on North Street, giving access to the North Street (KS2) Playground.  (YEAR 5)

Map of the School

An A4 printable PDF version of this map can be downloaded by clicking here.

Continuing Staggered Drop-off and Pick-up Times

If you have any serious issues with dropping off siblings at different times, please let us know and we will do what we can to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • class bubbles – children will continue to work in separate class bubbles
  • staggered entry and exit times using designated gates
  • extra hand washing and sanitising
  • extra cleaning including taps, light switches, toilets, hard surfaces
  • own set of equipment (pencils, ruler, scissors etc); this will not be shared
  • limiting close contact with adults
  • Book bag
  • Water bottle (water only – no juice)
  • Lunch box if having a packed lunch
  • PE kit (see the next question)
  • PE arrangements will continue as they were before the summer holiday
  • Children in Foundation Stage and Year 1 will change into their PE kits for the lesson on their PE days; PE kits can be kept in school for the half term and then taken home for washing in the half term holiday
  • Children in Years 2 to 6 should wear their sports kit for the whole school day on their PE days
  • Children in Year 4 will have swimming lessons during the Autumn term; Bluebell and Goldfinch classes will swim every Thursday from Thursday 9th September; Badger and Elm classes will swim after the half term break, starting on Thursday 4th November
  • In order to speed up the changing time before and after swimming lessons, children in Year 4 who are going swimming can wear their swimming kit under their PE kit – not forgetting to bring dry underwear for the rest of the day after the swimming lessons – they can then remain in PE kit for the rest of the day.
  • PE days are as follows:
    YEAR 3 (Beech, Dolphin, Robin, Tulip) 
    FS (Hedgehog, Willow)
    YEAR 1 (Snowdrop, Wren)
    YEAR 5 (Kingfisher, Maple, Otter, Snapdragon)
    FS (Duckling, Poppy)
    YEAR 1 (Cherry, Rabbit)
    YEAR 6 (Eagle, Oak, Orchid, Wolf)
    YEAR 4 (PE – Badger, Elm) (Swimming – Bluebell, Goldfinch) 
    YEAR 2 (Daffodil, Puffin, Squirrel, Sycamore)
    YEAR 1 (Cherry, Rabbit, Snowdrop, Wren)
  • We expect all children to follow the school uniform policy when wearing their PE all day – plain black or dark shorts, jogging bottoms or leggings and a plain white T-shirt – no logos, symbols or brand names
  • All children in Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 receive a free school meal; this is called Universal Infant Free School Meals; we do not offer a packed lunch option in these year groups
  • Children moving from Year 2 into Year 3 now pay for school meals unless they qualify for Benefit-Related Free School Meals – click here more information
  • School meals cost £2.30 per day (£11.50 per week); payment is made using the SCOPAY app
  • If you require assistance with either the SCOPAY app or applying for Benefit Related Free School Meals, call the school office on 01582 723970 or email and we will be happy to help out
  • Children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have the option of bringing their own packed lunch
  • School lunch menus are published here
  • Wednesday 1st September 10am – 1pm from the front of the school
  • Online using your existing SCOPAY account – if you don’t currently have a SCOPAY account, please call the school office on 01582 723970 from Wednesday 1st September or email
  • If you have placed an order for uniform during the summer holiday using your SCOPAY account, the items will be given to your child in class on Thursday 2nd September (stock availability permitting)
  • New Foundation Stage parents can also purchase uniform when you come for your Meet and Greet session
  • Afternoon Sports Clubs will return in a limited capacity from Week 3 – Monday 20th September (more information to follow)
  • Morning Sports Clubs will start from Monday 13th September:
    Monday 13th – Friday 17th September – Year 6
    Monday 20th – Friday 24th September – Year 5
    Monday 27th September – Friday 1st October – Year 4
    Monday 4th – Friday 8th October – Year 3
    Monday 11th – Friday 15th October – Year 2
    Monday 18th – Friday 22nd October – Year 1
  • Keep an eye on ParentMail for further information about these and other after-school activities
  • Please phone the school office on 01582 723970 or email; staff will get back to you as soon as possible

And finally...

During the summer holiday, the school’s WiFi system developed a fault which is affecting our computers, laptops and other mobile devices, the telephone system and our capacity for printing documents. Our ICT Manager is working with the contractor to identify the cause and rectify the problem. Please bear with us if this causes problems in our ability to communicate with parents as the term begins.