Back to school – September 2020


All children in Year 1 to Year 6 return to school on Thursday 3rd September.

In order to ensure safe access to the school site, we have installed new gates so that each year group enters by a separate entry point.

• Gates 1 and 2 are the two existing gates at the main entrance on Havelock Road. (YEAR 4 / YEAR 2)

• Gate 3  NEW  is on Havelock Road, giving access directly into the Foundation Stage playground. (YEAR R)

• Gate 4 is the existing gate on High Town Road next to the High Town Road (KS1) Playground. (YEAR 1)

• Gate 5 is in Cobden Street next to the delivery entrance.  (YEAR 3)

• Gate 6 is at the bottom of Cobden Street, giving access to the North Street (KS2) Playground.  (YEAR 6)

• Gate 7  NEW  is on North Street, giving access to the North Street (KS2) Playground.  (YEAR 5)

The map below shows the access points for each year group to use.

Pupils should wait in the QUEUEING AREAS next to their entry gates. Class teachers and teaching assistants will come to the gates to collect the class at the specified time. Please arrive at the right time to avoid congestion between classes.


  • class bubbles – children will not mix with other bubbles
  • staggered entry and exit times using additional gates
  • extra hand washing and sanitising
  • extra cleaning including taps, light switches, toilets, hard surfaces
  • own set of equipment (pencils, ruler, scissors etc); this will not be shared
  • Y2 – Y6 children sitting side by side
  • limiting close contact with adults
  • Book bag
  • PE kit (will stay in school and be sent home for washing at the end of the half term)
  • Water bottle (water only – no juice)
  • Lunch box if having a packed lunch 
  • Tuesday 1st September 10am – 1pm from the front of the school
  • Wednesday 2nd September 10am – 1pm from the front of the school
  • New Foundation Stage parents can also purchase uniform when you come for your ‘Meet and Greet’ session
  • Please phone the school office on 01582 723970 or email Staff will get back to you as soon as possible.