Access arrangements

At the time of writing, we have had one or two frosty mornings recently, and this has meant that we have had to implement our usual procedures for managing access to the school site in cold temperature conditions.

Our playgrounds and pathways can become very slippery during cold weather and we have a duty of care to provide, as far as possible, a safe route into and out of the school site for pupils, parents, staff and visitors.

Consequently, when the surfaces are slippery, we will take the decision to restrict access via certain routes by keeping gates locked. We have seven access points, the main one being on Havelock Road at the front of the school. It will always be our priority to make this the main route into school on frosty days, so the gates on Cobden Street and North Street and the gates on High Town Road will remain locked.

Always take care as you walk along the public pavements around the school boundary. These surfaces are unlikely to be treated by Luton Borough Council and we are not permitted to treat the public pathways. Inside the school grounds, we will spread grit to make routes that are as safe as possible for our pupils to walk from the Havelock Road gate to their normal classroom entry point.

When the pathways are covered in snow, we will make every effort to clear pathways so that pupils can access the building at the most appropriate entry point. This will usually be through our circular courtyard and into the building through the entry doors located beneath the central canopy.

On days when there has been a considerable snowfall, we will implement a phased start to the day. Registers will be closed at 9.30am to give families more time to travel to school. This is also intended to spread out the volume of arrivals to ease congestion on the public pathways around the school site and within the school grounds.

Keep an eye on our Twitter timeline and our Parent Mail text messaging service for up-to-date information.