Warm Spaces

We know that the cost of living is impacting people in a number of ways and it’s a stressful time for many. As such Luton Council, along with its partners in the voluntary and charitable sector and faith organisations are hosting warm spaces.

The Warm Space Charter states: 

  • You’ll get a warm welcome as well as Warm Space
  • Everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect
  • Your Warm Space will be a safe space
  • We’ll not tell anyone about your needing a Warm Space
  • It doesn’t matter why you need a Warm Space

A warm space is somewhere you can stay warm and get a warm drink. Some organisations will also offer additional activities or food provision, see information and opening times below.

There are two local Warm Spaces currently in operation:

Hightown Community Sports & Arts Centre
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 3pm to 6pm
Hightown Community Sports & Arts Centre, Concorde Street, Luton, LU2 0JD

Hope Church
Monday and Wednesday from 10.30am to 1.30pm
Hope Church, Villa Road, Luton, LU2 7NT
Additional activities: board games

Other areas of Luton with a Warm Space in operation include Farley Hill, Leagrave, Lewsey Farm, Luton South, Marsh Farm, Stopley, Wigmore and Crawley Green.

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