The Big Trunk Trail

Have you seen the elephant that has appeared at the entrance to Luton Train Station at the end of High Town Road?

It is just one of thirty bright and colourful elephant statues that have been placed around different parts of Luton. They will be in place from 10th July until 8th October.

There are also around 40 equally colourful elephant calves located in indoor spaces including The Hat Factory and The Mall shopping centre.

The elephants have been decorated by local artists and community organisations to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Keech Hospice Care in Luton.

Just by walking from St Matthew’s Primary School to The Mall, you will meet these three members of the elephant herd.

Locations include Wardown Park, The Mall and Stockwood Park. A map is available for download at the Big Trunk Trail website.

You can find out more about the Big Trunk Trail at:

If you go out elephant spotting during the summer holiday, take some photos and send them to us here at and we’ll display them here on our website.

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