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We want to take every class in Year 4, 5 and 6 for an overnight stay at The Chellington Centre.

It’s not far away – we can drive there in a coach in under an hour. But it feels like you’re half a world away from home in Luton. The pandemic has meant that our normal summer activities have twice had to be cancelled or adjusted to keep everyone safe, but a couple of days away with just your class bubble is the ideal way to continue our journey back to normal after around a year and a half of restrictions and rules.

Your teachers all had a day there in January 2020, just a few short weeks before the first Covid-19 lockdown. They had a great day trying out some of the activities on offer, and everyone … EVERYONE … said how much they would love to return with their class for an overnight stay.

Well, now that opportunity is here and we want you to be as excited as your teachers are!

Mr Parker visited (on a windy day) recently and made a five-minute video to show you where we will be going, what you will be doing, where you will be sleeping and what you will be eating!

So sit back and enjoy Mr Parker’s video and then start working on your parents and carers to persuade them to let you join in the fun.

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More information

The children will leave St Matthew’s at 10am and travel by coach to Chellington.  Children will need to bring a packed lunch for the first day, the evening meal will be cooked for them and there will be plenty of fruit available for snacks. In the evening there will be hot chocolate and a snack to have whilst either sitting around a campfire or watching a movie. The children will sleep in bunk beds and there are between 4 and 8 people in a room.  Teachers will allocate where the children will sleep. Breakfast will be cereal and toast and the children will make their own sandwich and packed lunch to have at Chellington before returning to school at 12.30pm.

This amazing trip will allow time for children to get outdoors in the fresh air, have quality time with their friends and will really impact on their health in every sense. Chellington is a fantastic, small venue which only has space for one class at a time. It is surrounded by lots of countryside and in a quaint little village. We have planned activities to enable the children to have fun, learn and finish this academic year bringing the whole class together.

The cost of this trip is £20 per child.  You can pay in instalments if you’d like to. Please go the Payment tab in ParentMail to pay.  All payments must be made by Tuesday 1st June.

Who’s going when?


Summer 2 Week 1


Leave Mon 7 June
Return Tue 8 June


Leave Tue 8 June
Return Wed 9 June


Leave Wed 9 June
Return Thu 10 June


Leave Thu 10 June
Return Fri 11 June


Summer 2 Week 2

Summer 2 Week 3


Leave Mon 14 June
Return Tue 15 June


Leave Tue 15 June
Return Wed 16 June


Leave Mon 21 June
Return Tue 22 June


Leave Tue 22 June
Return Wed 23 June


Summer 2 Week 5

Summer 2 Week 6


Leave Mon 5 July
Return Tue 6 July


Leave Tue 6 July
Return Wed 7 July


Leave Mon 12 July
Return Tue 13 July


Leave Tue 13 July
Return Wed 14 July

What do you need to take?

Please send your child with a change of underwear plus two spare sets. Avoid sending your child with new or ‘good’ clothes as they may get spoilt.

Children should bring along a book to read and a suitable game to play. They may also like to bring along a favourite soft toy or teddy. Please do not send mobile phones, personal stereos or radios. Cameras and binoculars may be taken but are done so at your child’s own risk. We cannot accept responsibility for anything lost or damaged. Everything your child brings should be clearly labelled.

Remember, your child will have to carry everything they bring – there are no porters at The Chellington Centre!

Kit List

  • A waterproof coat (essential)
  • Plimsolls or trainers for indoor use and certain activities
  • Old trainers for outdoor use
  • Extra jumper or fleece
  • Lots of underwear and socks
  • Spare trousers (no jeans) and tops
  • Pyjamas / nightie
  • Large plastic bag for dirty clothes
  • Sleeping bag or light duvet
  • Pillow
  • Wash kit 
  • Hand towel
  • Soap / shower gel
  • Hairbrush / comb
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Drawstring bag / Small rucksack for use as a day bag 
  • Sun hat for warm weather
  • Lip-balm
  • Spare hairbands
  • Suntan lotion
  • Tissues
  • Plastic water bottle 

Remember – Please do not pack food or sweets (unless part of a packed lunch) as these are not allowed in the dormitories.


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