Welcome back

The last time most of our pupils were in school, we were in something called Tier 3. Then at the beginning of the Christmas holiday, a new Tier 4 was invented which included Luton, and then just as everyone was gearing up for returning to school in January, the government announced a third national lockdown, the second to include school closures for most children.

Most of you have been at home for the past eleven weeks (including Christmas and the February half term) and now we’re so pleased to be having everyone back in school together.

Huge congratulations to everyone for continuing their school work at home, most of you using Google Classroom, and some using the paper work packs we have produced each fortnight.

Thank you so much to all parents and carers … once again you have risen to the challenge of home-schooling. Some of you had returned to work yourselves this time, so the task might have been more difficult than the summer lockdown. Hopefully the daily Google Meet check-ins with the class teachers and teaching assistants has helped to keep the children focused on the learning activities that have been planned throughout the entire time.

The school site restrictions do have to continue until we are told otherwise, so each class will remain in its own “bubble”. Morning and afternoon sports and activity clubs are still on hold, but our Breakfast Club and After School Club is open to families who have reserved spaces.

Please remember to continue to follow all the guidelines on personal hygiene, mask-wearing and social distancing — HANDS FACE SPACE — with no mixing of households (although individual adults can meet with one other person outdoors from Monday).

If any child displays COVID-19 symptoms, they must be kept at home and any family members must stay at home as well until a negative test result is received.

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