School Lunches

Our new school meals caterers, MIQUILL CATERING SERVICES, began providing meals for the children who are currently in school. There were lots of “ooohs” and “aaahs” as the children visited the serving hatch. We think this might have been prompted by the attractive display of ingredients and sample menus, or maybe it was the delicious looking dishes being served by our kitchen staff. It could even have been the sight of Mr Bell modelling one of the new MIQUILL aprons alongside our cooks in their brand new MIQUILL uniforms.




Weeks commencing: 22 Feb / 15 Mar / 19 Apr / 10 May / 7 Jun / 28 Jun / 19 Jul

Two seasonal vegetables, a range of salads, fresh bread and a choice of desserts, including dessert of the day, yoghurt and fruit are available daily. Filled jacket potatoes and freshly-made cold packed lunch option are also available.

Watch this space for more weekly menus, more photos of our delicious meals, and we plan to have some “restaurant reviews” from some of our pupils.

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