Lockdown Learning

BBC puts school materials on TV, iPlayer and online

The BBC is helping school children keep up with their studies amid the latest lockdown to control Covid-19 in the UK.

From Monday 11 January, three hours of primary school lessons and programmes started to be broadcast on TV – on CBBC – as well as on iPlayer, with additional content online.

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The CBBC channel can be found in the programme guide of these TV services:

Sky 607 Virgin Media 701 Freeview 201 Freesat 600 and also on BBC i-Player.


  1. Hello.
    This is wonderful.
    However im a little confused. Apologies if iv missed something
    So do our children watch these programmes in the mornings. Or at their selected times..
    And then log online, or do they log online and then watch them.
    Are these programmes just for watching or are they meant to take notes of what they’ve learnt. For example.
    Then what Happens if the Children have the programs on the same time as their P.E times/or exercise?
    Do they also go online after these programmes. And then I was a little confused about the last programmes lined up. For whom they are for.
    I still need to look above at the further Information section.
    But I read the email/ParentMail information!
    So sorry if it’s all on here also.
    Just wanted to clarify .
    Also with the ages, for example, 7-9
    And then 9-11
    Which programme do the 7 years olds watch for example, or the 9year olds.
    Or do/can they watch both, as they both include the same age groups ?
    Oh sorry about all the questions. But again just needing some clarity on those could of things x
    Warmest regards and also Soooo much thanks for all that the school is doing along with the family support department and our acting head mistress, teachers and P.E staff
    We cannot thank you for literally all that you are doing and everything you can to help and support ALL families during this 3rd lockdown and in such an immediate adjustment. Your all doing amazing and we truly appreciate all the support and extra work your all doing.
    Thank you so much!
    Amber K R & all the girls and family!

    1. This is here for information only. It may be helpful to families who are struggling with devices or internet connections. Treat the Google Classroom work that we are providing as the priority and dip into the CBBC programmes as and when you feel it might be appropriate. CBBC could be recorded for watching later if you want to keep the children working out of school hours.

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