Food Parcels


We have had our fortnightly delivery of the parcels which are made and donated to our school through a charity called JEDIDIAH. They are kindly supporting our families plus many others.

Inside the parcels are items such as pasta, tinned soup, biscuits, tea etc. (not always the same content). If you feel you could make use of a parcel please place your order via the Parentmail App. The food parcels are sent home with your child.

If you have any questions about the parcels or need support to place the order, feel free to call the school office and request to speak to Shaheen Hanif, our family worker, who will be happy to discuss things further.

There are a limited number of parcels available and these will be allocated on a “first-come, first-served” basis. You can ask for one parcel for per child. Please go to the payment section of ParentMail to book your FREE FOOD PARCEL.

However, if you require extra parcels, please call the school and ask to speak to Shaheen, who can arrange for additional bags to be sent home with your child.

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