TT Rockstars & Numbots Day!

What an extravaganza! The whole school took part in a relaunch of Numbots and Times Tables Rockstars last Friday, 20th November. Each child and member of staff were dressed in numbers (Reception and Year 1) and rockstars in (Years 2 to 6). 

There were competitions and prizes throughout the day. All children practised their number bonds and times tables and were given challenges to unlock a padlock to see a music video of our amazing staff performing Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’. 

Thank you to all for getting involved and improving our children’s fluency skills. Thank you to all children who continue to practise their number bonds and times tables daily! Tips for parents and carers: encourage your child to practise their fluency daily at home. Please contact your child’s teacher via the Home School Diary if you need help logging on to

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