Children in Need


This Friday is the annual Children In Need Appeal. This national charity campaign, organised by the BBC, will be different from normal because of the current restrictions.

Under normal circumstances, we would plan a programme of fundraising activities. In light of the current public health problems, and given that we are planning some key events within our English and mathematics curriculum areas in the coming weeks, we have decided that we will not be asking our families to donate money this year. Many of our families are finding themselves in need of support because of furloughing, redundancy and job insecurities. We do not want to further add to families’ worries at this time.

However, we know that there will be some families who want to continue to support Children In Need, so we are including a link to the online donation page of the BBC Children in Need website.

Click on the picture of Pudsey Bear below to go to the donation page in a new browser tab.

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