Year Four Swimming


Our Year 4 classes resume their swimming lessons this week as part of their PE curriculum.

Swimming normally begins midway through Year 3 from the beginning of Spring Term 2 in February until the end of Spring Term 1 when the children are in Year 4. The Covid-19 pandemic restrictions meant that this group of children missed out on the first half of their curriculum entitlement. So adjustments have been made to enable the children to catch up on their learning in this subject – one that can be an enjoyable part of an active lifestyle, as well as equipping the children with essential life-saving skills.

Goldfinch & Bluebell classes will swim every Thursday from Thursday 24th September 2020 for the whole of the Autumn Term. Their final lesson will be on Thursday 3rd December.

Badger and Elm classes will then swim every Thursday from Thursday 7th January 2021 through to Thursday 25th March 2021.

The length of the swimming lessons will increase from thirty minutes to one hour. Each lesson will consist of time spent learning skills and strokes as well as time to enjoy being in the water, increasing their confidence.

Parents and carers of Year 4 pupils have already been sent a letter with full details of the arrangements (copy here).

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