Time To Move On

Under normal circumstances, having reached the last day of term, you would by now have spent some time with your new class, meeting your new teacher, in your new classroom.

That has not been possible this year, although it has been fantastic to see those of you who were able to come back for your transition session in the last few days.

All of the class teachers have worked together to make this splendid collection of videos, introducing themselves and giving you an idea of what to expect from being in your new year group.

The teachers had a lot of fun making these short videos; we hope you enjoy watching them as much as they enjoyed performing.

So, put your feet up, open up a bag of popcorn, and enjoy!

FS moving to Year 1

Year 1 moving to Year 2

Year 2 moving to Year 3

Year 3 moving to Year 4

Year 4 moving to Year 5

Year 5 moving to Year 6

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