Year R (Foundation Stage) Return to School

Since 1st June, we have been welcoming back to school more and more of our pupils. We started by increasing the numbers we could have in our key workers’ Rainbow Club and on Monday 15th June we said hello to some of our returning Year 6 pupils. This week, it was the turn of Year 1 to come back to school and it has been fantastic to see them all come in and settle so quickly.

Now it is time for our youngest children – those in Year R – to return. We can’t wait … and we know that so many of you feel the same.

As with Year 6 and Year 1, we have made a short video for parents and carers to watch with their children. You will see lots of familiar places and, more importantly, lots of familiar faces!

The video shows what the routines will be like when the children arrive at school, what the day will look like once they are here, and the things they should bring with them … there’s only two — a water bottle and a coat.

Enjoy the video!

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