Have You Got The Power?

A couple of weeks ago, Mr Rowlands taught everyone the song POWER IN ME. Did you have a go at singing it? It is a popular YOUNG VOICES song and the organisers of YOUNG VOICES UK and YOUNG VOICES USA had a plan to create the biggest online singalong.

Well, today is the day that singalong happens. In fact, it’s already begun. Everyone who is taking part will sing together when it is 2.30pm in their time zone. So already, children in countries including New Zealand, Australia, China and Thailand have already passed 2.30pm local time and have kicked off the singalong.

Between now and 2.30pm in Luton, more singers from countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Israel, Poland, Albania, RomaniaSweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Italy, and France will join in.


The YouTube link below is the one to use — you will be singing along with children in Ireland, Portugal, Nigeria, Morocco and Algeria.

If you want another practice with Mr Rowlands, have another look at his singing lesson below.


BBC London news reported on the Young Voices Choir At Home event and you can watch the report on the video below.

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